Event Planning

Event Planning

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In order to help stores increase the output value of beauty, GS has spared no effort in marketing. Through in-depth understanding of beauty technology, stores, industries and markets, it has made a more practical marketing system that is more in line with the sales promotion of Chinese stores. For example, the car beauty culture festival of the GS custard brand and the car crystal plating tasting meeting have been recognized by the store, which has also increased the sales of the beauty of the store and strengthened the confidence of the sales staff.


GS Gies is an earlier brand that built experiential sales execution, and created a crystal plating experience platform owned by very few brands in the industry. It provides very effective props for the sales of crystal plating, making the crystal plating visualized, simplifying the experience, and greatly Increased the sales of plated crystals in stores. Of course, in addition to the crystal plating experience platform, we also have more landing experience and real car experience.


In addition to delving into marketing strategies from the perspective of products, GS Gess also regularly plans professional marketing activities for customers, such as the previous "One set for your car, healthy China trip", "Let love go home" and "World Cup marketing plan", etc. Assist the store to operate better in many ways.


For this reason, choosing the GS custard brand is not only to choose custard products, but also more powerful marketing services. This service may be worth 100,000 or millions. We once set a record of 500,000 sales in 3 days, close to 300 sets of plated crystals, and helped the store create immeasurable commercial value.


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