Store Planning

Store Planning

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A good store must be planned, just as a successful brand and project must have a marketing plan, the same is true when opening a store. The first step in store planning is business planning, mainly planning site selection, business positioning (mid-to-high-end, mid-to-low-end, etc.), image style (door head, rest area, style, etc.), project positioning (beauty, car clothing, color change) Etc.) Because different business positioning determines different site selection, decoration styles and project management methods, good planning can quickly attract accurate customer groups as soon as the store opens, and it is easier to get on the right track and quickly achieve profitability.


Secondly, the second step of store planning is decoration planning, mainly planning lighting, equipment, wiring, sewer, sewage, etc., to make the layout of the work station more tidy and beautiful, and at the same time to make the wiring more scientific, not only convenient to use, but also to avoid occurrences. Safety accidents caused by improper construction.



GS Gies, focusing on the domestic auto beauty industry for nearly 10 years, has rich experience in store planning and entire store output, and has its own unique insights in market positioning, store project operation management, image design, and decoration planning. In the past 10 years, the domestic cooperation to join GS Custard has more than 10,000 stores, helping countless stores to open stores to make money, and complete the transformation from entrepreneurship to success.



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