S1 Supreme Diamond Hardened Crystal



Product Description:

   The newly upgraded S1 plated crystal has an outstanding effect of superimposing 4 layers. Comprehensively improve the hardness and water repellency of the paint surface, giving better protection to the car. The new S1 crystal-plated hardened layer (A, B liquid) adopts inorganic transparent nano-silica and transparent nano-zirconia grafted fluororesin, which has a long-lasting effect, high wear resistance and high weather resistance.

   The lubricating oil layer (C, D liquid) in the S1 crystal plating solution changes the solidification principle of traditional crystals. It is a kind of moisture solidification principle that forms a three-dimensional network nano-structured silica protective layer on the construction surface, making the construction surface brighter More slippery.

   The new S1 plating crystal upgrade brings stronger comprehensive performance of plating crystal. Stronger anti-fouling, anti-graffiti, anti-scratch, anti-sewage and anti-corrosion capabilities.

Features: double hardness, double lubricating oil. Among the GS custard crystal-plated products, the overall performance of hardness, brightness and water repellency is strong.

S1 Supreme Diamond Hardened Crystal

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