DA-1+ 3 In 1 Gold Medal Full Effect Repair Agent



product description:

The new generation of GS Jishi DA system special paint surface water-based repair agent, no need to cooperate with other types of repair agent to achieve a one-step mirror. The small amount of resin material added to the DA .1+ repair agent makes the repair agent contain very small auxiliary abrasive particles, which can increase the gloss on the flat part without scratches and will not make the varnish layer thin. The DA .1+ repairing agent is easy to operate, saving time and raw materials, and does not need to go through three or four stages like traditional abrasives.

Instructions for use

The paint is cleaned (washing the car) and dried before construction. The polishing disc is recommended to use GS custard DA406 wool disc, rotating speed 1500~2000RPM (RO)/3~4 gear (DA), the recommended amount is 30% less than traditional abrasive


Ultra-hard alumina, glass beads, cerium ore Particle diameter: 2.2um

DA-1+ 3合1 金牌全效修复剂

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