DA-2+Gold Medal Super Mirror Repair Agent



product description:

The new generation of GS custard DA system special paint repair agent, DA2+ gold super mirror repair agent, is a super mirror repair agent for extreme polishing operations, for customers who have higher requirements after using DA1+ repair. DA2+ perfectly restores the unique effect of lacquer gloss, ensuring that DA2+ can achieve perfect mirror repair even on dark lacquer surfaces. It is the top product for lacquered mirror repair.

Instructions for use:

The polishing disc uses GS custard DA special sponge disc, 3~4 gears (DA), and the recommended amount is 3-50% less than traditional abrasives.

Ingredients/composition information

Ultra-hard alumina, glass beads, cerium ore, particle diameter: 0.2um

DA-2+Gold Medal Super Mirror Repair Agent

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