S2 Super Platinum Hardened Crystal



Product Description:

   The New S2 Crystal-plated Hardened Layer (a, B Liquid) Adopts Inorganic Transparent Nano-silica And Transparent Nano-zirconia Grafted Fluororesin, Which Has A Long-lasting Effect, High Wear Resistance And High Weather Resistance.

   The Lubricating Oil Layer (liquid C) In The S2 Plating Solution Changes The Solidification Principle Of Traditional Crystals. It Is A Kind Of Moisture Solidification Principle That Forms A Three-dimensional Networked Nano-structured Silica Protective Layer On The Construction Surface, Making The Construction Surface Brighter And Smoother. .

   The Brand New S2 Plating Crystal Upgrades, So That Your Car Will Last Forever And Keep Its Value.

Features: Double Hardness + Lubricating Oil, Except For S1, The Highest Hardness Plated Crystal Products, While Also Possessing High Brightness And Water Repellency.


S2 Super Platinum Hardened Crystal

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